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Customized photo shoots

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The professional photographer Maurizio Torresan was chosen, also for this year, for the 2018 edition of the of the Gran Ballo Mascheranda.
Maurizio Torresan is a professional photographer specialized in portraits of the people and his shop is situated in the historical centre of Venice.
He has worked for many international important people such as presidents of various countries, princes and VIP of tv shows. He ensures privacy for his customers, in fact, he has always worked in the shadow of the spotlight of social network and printing.
He also worked for many private events of the Venice Carnival, and even in these cases, he tried to understand the importance of social networks to offer to the customers a unique and unforgettable memory over time, often to share immediately.
Maurizio Torresan has been an important innovator of professional photo shoot because he uses the latest and innovative technologies in the field of photography.
Considered the huge demand for personalized photographic services for events of the Venice Carnival, he decided to select and work for the most exclusive events such as the Gran Ballo Mascheranda.
During this event he will offer his experience to portray the guests in the many and beautiful locations of Mascheranda, which will be set by Galtiero Dell’Osto.
In addition to book a private photographic service during the party, it is also possible to book a photo shoot during the dressing time with the typical carnival costumes. Maurizio also offers the possibility to book a CUSTOMIZED PHOTO SHOOTS with the typical carnival costumes in the most evocative places of the historical center of Venice.


You can see the Photogallery on the website. (see the link of pop-up Carnevale)
These are the main purposes, which can be personalized based on your requirements.

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